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Revolutionizing visual intelligence through the fusion of human-inspired cognition and AI

Joint rotational invariance and adversarial training of a dual-stream Transformer

17 October 2022. SVRHM @ NeurIPS 2022

Quality control-driven deep ensemble for accountable automated segmentation of cardiac magnetic resonance LGE and VNE images

11 September 2023. Frontiers in CardioVascular Medicine 2023

Representative Papers of Founding Scientific team before creatingArtificio

Finding Biological Plausibility for Adversarially Robust Features via Metameric Tasks

28 January 2022. ICLR 2022 (Spotlight. Top 1%)

High-performance Evolutionary Algorithms for Online Neuron Control

14 April 2022. GECCO 2022 (Nominated for Best Paper Award)

Testing Relational Understanding in Text-Guided Image Generation

29 July 2022. ArXiv 2022 (Featured in the News)