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Revolutionizing visual intelligence through the fusion of biological & artificial neural networks

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Research Lab

We are a Neuro AI Research Lab


Tested in real companies

We test our solutions via parternships with companies


Solutions to Real Problems

And implement solutions to real problems

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Artificio is an accelerated NeuroAI Lab that achieved global recognition by breaking the world record of predicting neural activity of Visual Area V4 & securing a spot in the top 10 of all models in the Brain Score competition.

Led by PhD's from MIT + Harvard  in AI and Neuroscience
Global & Remote Team Around the world
Propietary tech in AI + original Datasets
Accelerated Push to Production

Artificio's Cortexbrain-aligned embeddings let you power your computer vision needs

Cortex API, a general purpose brain-aligned embedding. Image In. Vector Out.

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With all the features you need

No Extra Training Data

Brain Alignment relinquishes the need for billions of images

Privacy for B2B & B2C

Not requiring training data helps us leverage and respect your privacy

Real-Time computation

Eye-blinking speed for computation of embeddings

Flexibility beyond Search

Embeddings can be used for any computer vision task beyond search

Discover Robusto : Our benchmarking platform forAutonomous Driving in Challenging conditions

Stay tuned for the version-1 of our release! With challenging & original data recorded from Lima, Cusco and Cajamarca in Peru.

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