Building the World's Hardest Benchmark
for Autonomous Driving

Discover Robusto : Our benchmarking platform forAutonomous Driving in Challenging conditions

Stay tuned for the version-1 of our release! With challenging & original data recorded from Lima, Cusco and Cajamarca in Peru.

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The Next Self-Driving Revolution is



We rely on the good faith data that drivers from around the world are able to collect



Anyone can use our open-source
benchmarks for free



Solving the autonomous and manual
driving crisis globally

We create

before others understand

Artificio has recently identified that the core of the Self-Driving car crisis is lack of coverage of real out-of-distribution (training & testing) data that is highly prevalent in emerging economies where driving rules and routes and more chaotic and informal.

Partner with Logistics + Transportation Companies
Global Focus with Emerging Economies as Priority
Benchmarking-as-a-Service Freemium Revenue Model
A-Team with background ranging from Robotics, Computational Neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence & Computer Vision.

Our Robustobenchmarking platform allows you to see what you've missed in the real world's toughest conditions

Crowd-Sourced from places regular companies don't have access to.

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