Artificio's Cortexbrain-aligned embeddings let you power your computer vision needs

Cortex API, a general purpose brain-aligned embedding. Image In. Vector Out.

More Features

With all the features you need

No Extra Training Data

Brain Alignment relinquishes the need for billions of images

Privacy for B2B & B2C

Not requiring training data helps us leverage and respect your privacy

Real-Time computation

Eye-blinking speed for computation of embeddings

Flexibility beyond Search

Embeddings can be used for any computer vision task beyond search

Use case:
Visual Search & Product recommendationEnginefor E-commerce

The visual search based on Cortex allows users to efficiently search for products using images from their mobile phones or desktop.

Efficient shopping experience
Improved product discovery
Better conversion
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Frequently asked questions

What do you mean by "Brain-Aligned" ?

"Brain Aligned" refers to designing and developing algorithms or models that are inspired by the principles and functions of the human brain.

How does your model work if you don't need any training data or fine-tuning?

Embedding models do not need any extra training data in general if they manage to tile and learn the whole image space. The key advantage of ours (and many other) embedding models is that we do not need extra training data since we are outputting vectors rather than labels. Overall, the vector space we learn is better than most other models as can be verified through the Brain-Score competition.

What are different ways in which I can use Cortex API?

You can do many things with Cortex, like Visual search for your site, Compare images, and improve your product recommendation are just some of the many use cases of Cortex.

Where can I learn more about the technology behind Cortex API?

You can understand more in the Cortex Documentation.

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