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Artificio is a pioneering research lab and company dedicated to investigating
the intricate process of visual perception and image processing in both humans and machines.

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In 2022, our journey led us to a remarkable milestone. We developed a groundbreaking machine vision model that shattered the world record in the Brain-Score competition. This competition challenges participants to predict primate brain activity using machine vision models. Remarkably, we achieved this feat with a modest $5000 compute budget, driven by well-informed decisions regarding training, architecture, and data. Our model not only excelled but also revealed an embedding space mirroring the perceptual nuances of human cognition. For a comprehensive exploration of this achievement, dive into our Brain-Score paper.

Fast forward to 2023, and we have brought this cutting-edge technology to life with the launch of our inaugural product, Seezlo: a Meta-Gallery for Visual Art. Seezlo empowers artists, galleries, museums, and spectators to engage in visual searches for their favorite art pieces with unprecedented efficiency. This marks a monumental breakthrough in the realm of visual arts, as our model defies conventional wisdom by not relying on vast datasets, particularly in the domain of art. At Artificio, our commitment extends beyond technological innovation; we prioritize end-user experiences, privacy, and copyright protection. We firmly believe that respecting artists and their creations should coexist harmoniously with pioneering technology.

Today, drawing upon years of innovation and collaboration within esteemed research institutions such as MIT and Harvard at the intersection of Neuroscience and AI, we are thrilled to introduce Cortex API—a versatile, brain-aligned visual embedding solution. Cortex API empowers students, developers, startups, and corporate giants alike to perform visually intensive computations without the need to compromise proprietary data for training. Our guiding principle remains "10 times better, for 10 times less," driving us to expand our footprint into Latin America. Here, we recognize a pressing demand for Foundational AI-based models, and we are committed to delivering world-class technologies at an accessible cost for enterprises in the region.

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